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Forex Cash Cow Strategy

By R. J. Cohen
The Forex Cash Cow Strategy is a great investment strategy for anyone who wants to make regular income on the foreign exchange markets (which should be everyone!). The reason that it is so great is because it involves virtually no risk and guarantees a regular stream of income.

This strategy will not net you colossal gains at any one point, but it will make regular gains each and every month. It is not unreasonable to expect a gain of 20% each month. Compounded monthly, a $10,000 investment will net an annual return of nearly $90,000.

The question, of course, is how does this work and why isn’t everyone doing it? The Forex Cash Cow Strategy works by identifying simple, regular patterns in the foreign exchange markets and making educated trades based on these patterns. As for why everyone isn’t doing it, there are two main reasons, it’s not easy to identify these patterns and it requires a lot of patience.

Traditionally, the people who have been successful with this method have spend countless hours analyzing the forex markets and executing only a handful of trades in a given month. This is difficult work that most people cannot manage.

Things are changing now, however. Since the 1980s large investment firms have been using computer software to do this difficult, time consuming work. Only now are consumer versions of such software becoming available to the general public. Software programs can now identify the trends for you by analyzing huge amounts of data that humans could never manage.

Rather than trying to use the Forex Cash Cow Strategy manually, it is easiest to just use a good software program. A good program will pay for itself quickly and will be making money in far less time than it would take you to figure out the strategy yourself. The best forex software that I have used is available here. It is a must have for serious forex traders.

More information on the Forex Cash Cow.

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