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Stock Trading Nitty Gritty – Promo #2


Dear Stock Trader,

Are you a “newbie” when it comes to stock market trading?

Are you a little overwhelmed by all the information out there

that promises to put piles of cash in your wallet overnight?

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that some stock brokers are

lying through their teeth & simply out […]

Unusual Stock Trading Trick?


Dear Forex Trader,

This may be the ugliest video about stock trading I’ve ever


-but the message in the story is worth it.

It’s about how a regular guy discovered 1 “unusual” trick in

trading the stock market…

…and how he was finally able to get an “edge” over everybody

else […]

Are You Up on This Forex Flaw?


Dear Forex Trader,

While researching new ways to save time trading Forex (without

sacrificing pips), this Forex trader kind of stumbled upon 2 ‘discoveries’ that may surprise you.

The first one has to do with a ‘flaw’ in how 90% or more of

Forex traders think about trading these markets.

It’s deceptively […]