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4 Forex Rates


The Forex rate or foreign-exchange rate exists between two currencies and the rate refers to the trade currency rate changes relatively to other currencies and to the disparities between two specific world currencies as far as how much each is worth.

When it comes to the trading of paper world currency online the Forex […]

Portfolio Prophet To Be Pulled it OFF THE MARKET Soon!


Hi Forex Trader,

Last week, I alerted you to the release of the step-by-step

Portfolio Prophet program that’s totally taken the trading &

investing community by storm.

Well, its developer, Bill Poulos, just announced that:

He’s pulling it OFF THE MARKET on Thursday, March 24th,at 11:59pm Eastern (New York time).

That gives you […]

Forex Trading Analysis – Fundamental vs Technical


When the time comes to learn Forex trading, it is necessary to figure out which Forex trading method that most closely matches your investment style. The key to success in Forex trading requires different strategies and trading techniques than those found in traditional stock markets.

Forex traders today can have so much information from […]

What Portfolio Prophet Has To Say About What’s Going to Happen Tomorrow in the Markets


Dear Forex Trader,

You need to watch this brand new video just recorded by Bill Poulos where he shows you what his new Portfolio Prophet has to say about what’s going to happen tomorrow in the markets…

Specifically he plugs QQQQ and SPY into his software.

You may be surprised at what happens.


The Portfolio Prophet is LIVE!



Dear Trader,

It’s time —

The Portfolio Prophet is LIVE!

Get it here…

Make sure you watch the ENTIRE presentation on that page — it

reveals some BRAND NEW, SURPRISE EXTRAS you’re going to

get when you enroll in the program today…

I’ve been following Bill Poulos for […]

Find Out About The SAFEST & LUCRATIVE Markets Available


Dear Forex Trader,

Last week I shared with you what amounted to a $40,000 “gamble”

from a 35+ year trading veteran…

It really opened the eyes of traders & investors as to what they’ve

been missing out on by not considering one of the SAFEST

and most LUCRATIVE markets available to them…

Well, even […]

About Successful Forex Exchange Trading


FX relates to the phrase ‘foreign exchange marketplace” or Forex trading marketplace is additionally a cash, or find industry for international currency. In the past the foreign trade marketplace was the place the larger banking institutions and expense firms use to exchange trillions of bucks online each day. Modest Forex investors typically had small […]

Some Successful Forex Trading Strategies


Forex pertains to foreign exchange and it is the trading that occurs between foreign currencies. To be in a position to be prosperous at Forex trading, you will need substantial Forex trading knowledge. However, just having all the Forex trading information in the world is not going to help you in establishing a successful […]

So What is Forex Trading?


By J. Mahoney

‘What is Forex?’ This is a question that people ask about a lot these days. There are people who have been making money through Forex many years ago. Fortunately, thanks to the help of computers and internet, Forex trading has become so much easier. You can sit at your personal computer […]